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Virtual fitness made seamless with Mindbody and Zoom

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Mindbody Most Valuable Partner Award 2021Mindbody Most Valuable Partner Award 2021

Trusted by fitness studios worldwide

A complete virtual fitness solution

Packed with a ton of features for fitness studios of all sizes

Requires paid Mindbody and Zoom subscriptions

Embrace automation!

Say goodbye to manually creating Zoom meetings or sending Zoom links ever again.

Affordability meets reliability

For less than $0.07 per booking, run your virtual classes smoothly on the world's leading live streaming platform.

Best-in-class email deliverability

Rest easy knowing your Zoom link emails won't end up in spam, and verify this with live reporting.

Shield your virtual fitness revenue

With unique join links, last-minute bookings and cancellations, and optional one-device-only access, your revenue is protected.

Express your brand

Customize the language, branding, email text, timing, and functionality to fit your unique business needs.

Expand your reach with multi-location support

Break new ground with multi-site functionality, where one instructor can teach clients from multiple Mindbody Sites.

Fully automated so you can focus on your business

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Once we set it up the service runs like clockwork.
I cannot recommend Apiant highly enough.”
Greg Walsh, Samadhi

Zoom meetings

Zoom meetings will be created and modified automatically to match your Mindbody schedule. Set it and forget it! Supports classes, enrollments and appointments.

Emails and SMS

Emails and SMS of Zoom links and recordings are sent to your clients and staff like clockwork without lifting a finger. Just choose the timing once and it’s done automatically for each class.

Roll call

Zoom attendees will be automatically signed-in Mindbody after the class so instructors don't have to.

The power of BOTs 🤖

With our awesome ZoomConnect BOTs 🤖, you have full control of Zoom, emails and SMS without leaving Mindbody.

Low price per booking and industry best reliability

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“What a game changer! We have seen an increase in classes sizes, and best of all, this is so affordable.”
Melissa L., The Yoga Collaborative


Zoom is the undisputed leader in virtual meetings with excellent video and sound quality as well as reliability. Its ease of use will make for a flawless experience for your clients.

Low price per booking

Starting at less than $0.07 per booking, ZoomConnect is incredibly affordable with lots of room to grow.

Share links outside of Mindbody

If needed, you can also auto-generate a link to share with clients outside of Mindbody.

Award winning technical support

Relax, we're here to help in any way you need. Simply start a chat or email us.

Best-in-class email deliverability you can verify

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“It’s easy to understand and customize, to get help and to troubleshoot. Everything is logged!”
Francesca A., TruFusion

Best-in-class email deliverability

Since we have dedicated IPs to send millions of Zoom link emails, open rates are excellent leading to fantastic email reputation. Feel confident that your Zoom link emails won't end up in spam folders.

Email delivery report

For the rare occasion when a client cannot find their link email, consult the delivered and open status of every email sent anytime so you can better support your clients.

Zoom attendance report

After each meeting you will receive an attendance report via email with all the details you need for each participant.

Booking chart

Keep track of how many bookings you've had for the month anytime.

Protect and grow your virtual fitness revenue

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Exactly what we needed! We tried other companies and this is the best!”
Dimitra K., Dimitra Yoga

Unique link access

Like in-person classes, each virtual attendance equates to one booking with unique link access so you can protect your revenue. Last minute booking cancellations voids the link.

One device per connection

You can choose to only allow one device per link for extra security.

Last minute bookings

A Zoom link email or SMS will be sent immediately for last minute Mindbody bookings so you never turn down business.

Hybrid classes

Virtual classes don't have to be exclusively virtual. With ZoomConnect you can easily add a virtual component to in-person classes so you can expand your reach and grow your business.

Customize everything

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“A lifesaver! Saves hours of admin time each day!”
Kelly B., Liberty Wellbeing

Your email branding and text

Add your company logo and text to Zoom link emails so your clients will feel at home with their favorite brand, yours!

Adjustable timing

Adjust the timing of when Zoom meetings are created and when emails and SMS are sent to fit your flow.

Choose your language

Localize the language of emails and SMS so your clients feel more at home.

Change the functionality

So many features of ZoomConnect are adjustable or optional and you can adjust them yourself with our user friendly integration settings menu with help text.

Scale with multi-locations

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Now we are finally able to focus our time and energy on other more important issues - like teaching our classes!! Thank you!!”
Rebecca S., Yogabee

Link multiple Mindbody Site IDs

One instructor can now teach a Zoom class to all clients who booked on linked Mindbody Site IDs across time zones at the same time. This opens up a world of possibilities for virtual fitness.

Mindbody Zoom multi-site

Connect multiple Zoom accounts

Connect as many Zoom accounts as you need to conduct classes simultaneously.

Manage franchises and locations

ZoomConnect multi-site gives you, the admin, full control and visibility over every Mindbody Site ID you connect while each site only sees their client activity.

Add-ons for larger businesses

With other add-ons including the ability to fully customize ZoomConnect and integrate with other apps, you can scale your virtual fitness offering with confidence and flexibility.

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Reliable. Fair. High Quality. An absolute pleasure! You won't regret working with them.”
Cody B., CMO
Delta Life Fitness
CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“The Apiant Team has been great! Genuinely friendly people that want to help your business succeed.”
Sara C., Director of Marketing
The Body Squad
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Affordable and Flexible Pricing to Scale with your Business


7 Day Free Trial

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SAVE $240!
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7-Day Free Trial (starts after on-boarding call)
Free 1 hr on-boarding call ($100 value)
Includes 1,000 bookings per month
Additional Mindbody Location: $49/month
Additional 1,000 bookings: $49/month
Additional Zoom account connected: $9/month
Sync Mindbody Appointments $49/month
Send SMS (Need a Twilio or CM Telecom account): $25/month


Can I connect more than one Mindbody location?


Yes, you can connect as many Mindbody locations as you need all integrated with one Shopify account. There is an additional cost of $49/month for each additional Mindbody location connected.

Can I process more than 1000 bookings per month?


Yes, you can process as many bookings per month as you need. The base plan includes 1000 bookings per month, but more bookings can be processed at $49/month per 1000 additional bookings per month.

Will my clients get a Zoom link if they book the class after the emails are sent?


Yes. By default clients will get a Zoom link email 60 minutes before class (this is customizable) but if a client books after the 60 min timeframe, they will receive an email right away. Even a minute before the class.

If I have more than one location under the same Mindbody Site ID, do I need to pay extra?


Yes. The extra cost is $49 per additional location.

Can I customize the email with my own text?


Yes. You can customize the text below the join button.

Can I customize the button color in the email?


Yes. You can make the button any color you want.