Sell your Mindbody products and services on Shopify

Increase revenue with a beautiful shop

Shopify sales are automatically added to your Mindbody client purchase history.
Mindbody clients are invited to your Shopify store automatically or on-demand.
Your store inventory stays in sync, ensuring you always have the right product in stock for your clients.
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Easily Sync and Manage

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Easy to use, amazing support!
It’s easy to understand and customize, to get help and to troubleshoot. Everything is logged!
Francesca A., Studio Manager
The Apiant Team has been great!
Hands-on-help, genuinely friendly people that want to help your business succeed.
Sara C., Director of Marketing
The Body Squad
Reliable. Fair. High Quality.
Working with Apiant is an absolute pleasure! They continue to go above and beyond, you won't regret working with them.
Cody B., CMO
Delta Life Fitness
Excellent customer support
Working with Apiant has been great. I highly recommend them. Fred and team are always accessible, and have a way to resolve questions quickly.
Emilie R., Owner
Borealis Yoga
The team are really helpful and do things way beyond my comprehension to create seamless links between programmes and services. Thank you Apiant!
Simon G., Owner
Liberty Wellbeing
A lifesaver!
A true partner in solving problems and has created efficiencies between Mindbody and Hubspot and Mindbody and Zoom for us that saves hours of admin time each day!
Kelly B., Director of Ops
Liberty Wellbeing
Excellent Zoom Integration
We started working with Apiant for integration of our Livestream classes with Zoom and it's been a seamless transition so far. Easy to use and great customer service.
Jen S., Owner
Elevate Fitness Studio
Exactly what we needed!
Apiant provides great service, linking Mindbody and Zoom so that we can host virtual classes. The customer service is fast and friendly. We tried other companies and this is the best!
Dimitra K., Owner
Dimitra Yoga
Best customer service I've seen in years!!
I have been amazed by the excellent customer service I have received from Apiant. Now we are finally able to focus our time and energy on other more important issues - like teaching our classes!! Thank you!!
Rebecca S., Owner
Above and beyond - consistently
I think if you sign up with Apiant you will congratulate yourself on your good decision for years to come. You will have more opportunities than you used to - in a big way!
Sherene K., Owner
Evolve 180

Affordable and Flexible Pricing to Scale with your Business

Shopify + Mindbody Integration
7 Day Free Trial

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billed annually
SAVE $240!
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7-Day Free Trial (starts after on-boarding call)
Free on-boarding call with specialist
Includes 100 sales per month
Additional 100 sales per month: $49/month
Additional Mindbody Location: $49/month


Can I connect more than on Mindbody location?


Yes, you can connect as many Mindbody locations as you need to one Shopify account. There is an additional cost of $49/month for additional locations.

Can I process more than 100 sales per month?


Yes, you can process as many sales per month as you need. The base plan includes 100 sales per month, but more sales can be processed at $49/month per 100 additional sales per month.

Where do I charge my customer for the sale, in Shopify or in Mindbody?


Currently your customers will be charged in Shopify. A "Shopify" custom payment method will be added to your Mindbody settings which will be used when posting Shopify sales in Mindbody. We are working on giving you the ability to charge your customers in Mindbody using their credit card on file when processing a sale in Shopify.

How is inventory synced between Shopify and Mindbody?


Shopify sales are posted to your Mindbody client account as a purchase, therefore updating the quantity for each product sold. Sales placed in your Mindbody POS directly are also processed to deduct quantities from Shopify. Currently, replenishment are handled via a Smartsheet intermediate spreadsheet since the Mindbody API does not expose inventory levels.

Can I sell products, services and contracts in Shopify?


Yes, products, services and contracts sold in Shopify will be posted in your Mindbody client account and all related services such as memberships, class and appointment packs, etc. will be turned on for your client.