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Full Synchronization Between DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign

Maximize your nonprofit's impact by reaching the right donor at the right time! Discover the complete solution to automate your fundraising process in ActiveCampaign.

Requires paid DonorPerfect subscription

Supercharge ActiveCampaign with a 360° View of DonorPerfect Donor Data

Achieve swift and accurate donor data integration, reducing admin tasks and boosting strategic insights for more effective, personalized interactions.

Valuable, enhanced ActiveCampaign reporting informed by DonorPerfect data

Syncing DonorPerfect with ActiveCampaign boosts reporting capabilities, enabling deeper donor insights, smarter decisions, and measurable impact, ultimately enhancing your fundraising success.

Gifts Pipeline (optional)

Amplify your fundraising efforts by ensuring critical itemized gift information is accurately and efficiently synced between DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign.

Custom field and custom object synchronization (optional)

Preserve your organization's unique data structure and enabling donor segmentation based on your specific needs.

Unveiling the "CodeSync" Feature for DonorPerfect-ActiveCampaign Integration!

Our newest innovative feature – "CodeSync". Dropdown Code Descriptions, and Flags from DonorPerfect are now automatically synced into your ActiveCampaign interface.

Supercharge ActiveCampaign with a 360° View of DonorPerfect Donor Data

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
"Apiant provided us with superior customer service during the implementation, which has saved us numerous labor hours. The initial setup continues to run seamlessly!"
Karie N., Sedona Mago Retreat

Optimize Personalized Engagement

With CRMConnect, over 140 properties are synced to ActiveCampaign, transforming your donor interactions.

This wide-ranging data, from personal details to donation histories, allows for tailored communications that do more than just send messages.

They spark engagement, foster deep connections, and inspire ongoing involvement from your donors, helping to fuel your nonprofit's mission.

Optimize personalized engagement with ActiveCampaign

Unleash Donor Insights

Synchronize critical donor-related data such as 'Created Date', 'Donor Last Modified Date', 'Initial Gift Date', 'Last Gift Date', and 'Maximum Gift Date' between DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign to achieve real-time insights.

These data points give you an in-depth understanding of your donors' journey, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and tailor your communications effectively.

Maximize Fundraising Efforts

Get the full picture of your donors' financial engagement by syncing historic and current donation data like '2 Years Ago CYTD', 'Last Year YTD', 'Average Gift Amount', 'Gift Total', 'Maximum Gift Amount', and 'Number of Years Donated'.

Use these insights within ActiveCampaign to forecast future donations, recognize donation trends, and create tailored fundraising campaigns.

Cultivate Better Donor Relationships

By integrating narrative fields and donor preferences from DonorPerfect to ActiveCampaign, you get a complete overview of your donor's story, preferences, and giving history.

Syncing 'Narrative', 'Donor Type', 'Opt-Out Reason', 'Gift Aid Eligible (Donor Level)', and 'Do Not Send Mail' can help you cultivate better relationships and improve donor retention.

Valuable, enhanced ActiveCampaign reporting informed by DonorPerfect data

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“I think if you sign up with Apiant you will congratulate yourself on your good decision for years to come. Start to dream bigger, because with them on your side, you will have more opportunities than you used to - in a big way! ”
Sherene Kershner, Evolve180 Weight Loss

Donor Segmentation

Take advantage of data points like 'Donor Type', 'Job Title', 'Email Status', 'Receipting Preference', and many others to create precise donor segments in ActiveCampaign. This allows for strategic list creation for a variety of needs such as newsletters, outreach initiatives, donor appreciation events, and more.

Now, each communication can be tailor-made, reaching the right donor with the right message, enhancing donor engagement and your organization's reach.

Channel Preference and Engagement Reports

By integrating contact data like 'Email', 'Mobile Phone Number', 'Business Phone', you can report on channel preferences and engagement rates.

This can help you optimize your outreach efforts based on what channels your donors prefer and engage with the most.

Donor Retention and Attrition Reports

By tracking 'Last Gift Date', 'Number of Gifts', 'No Email Reason', and 'No Mail Reason', you can analyze donor retention and attrition rates.

These reports can provide insights into why donors may be lapsing and help you devise strategies to improve donor loyalty.

Donor Lifetime Value (LTV)

By syncing historical giving data, you can generate reports on the Lifetime Value of your donors.

This can help identify your most valuable donors and inform your fundraising and stewardship strategies.

Donation Trends Reports

Syncing fields like '2 Years Ago CYTD', 'Last Year YTD', 'Average Gift Amount', 'Gift Total', 'Maximum Gift Amount' allows you to analyze donation trends over time.

You can uncover patterns such as peak donation periods, seasonal giving trends, and changes in average gift amounts.

The Gifts Pipeline (optional)

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“I hardly know that our APIANT integration is there – the connections are very seamless.”
Leanne Hyndman, Amber Community

The Seamless Donation Tracker: CRMConnect Gifts Pipeline

The CRMConnect Gifts Pipeline is an expansive bridge between DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign that meticulously synchronizes over 60 fields of donor data. It records each donation as a 'deal' in a custom ActiveCampaign pipeline, offering rich, multilayered insights into each gift.

From key dates, donor preferences, financial details, campaign specifics, tribute information to unique identifiers, this pipeline facilitates accurate reporting, financial management, and personalized donor engagement. It's a powerful tool for nonprofits, turning raw data into actionable intelligence that drives organizational success.

Seamless donation tracker with gifts pipeline in ActiveCampaign

Create Superior Data-Driven Marketing & Fundraising

Harness campaign-related data such as 'Campaign', 'Solicitation', and 'Sub Solicitation' to analyze the effectiveness of your strategies, gain insights into what drives donations, and tailor future efforts based on this information.

You can analyze which campaigns are resonating with your donors and driving donations.

Finally see what campaigns are really working!

Advertising ROI Reports

The CRMConnect Gifts Pipeline not only refines your fundraising strategy but also contributes significantly to understanding your advertising Return on Investment (ROI) in ActiveCampaign. By syncing each donation as a 'deal', it empowers your organization to precisely track how donations flow in response to your marketing campaigns.

You can monitor the effectiveness of each marketing initiative, determining which strategies produce the most engagement and donations. This vital understanding allows you to optimize your budget allocation, thereby maximizing your advertising ROI. It offers a level of insight previously unreachable, ensuring that every advertising dollar is accountable and contributes to your organization's objectives.

Personalize the Donor Journey

Harnessing fields like 'First Gift', 'Frequency', and 'Type of Gift' lets you dive into the donor experience. This lets you map the path from the initial gift to ongoing engagement, providing valuable insights.

With this knowledge, you can craft personalized messages, acknowledge their loyalty in meaningful ways, and suggest suitable opportunities for increased involvement.

These tailored interactions not only enhance the donor experience but can also boost overall donor retention and involvement.

More Efficient Payment Processing & Receipting

Sync 'Payment Type', 'Receipt Number', 'Receipt Status', and 'Receipting Preference' to streamline payment processing and receipting in ActiveCampaign.

This can automate administrative tasks, ensuring your donors have a smooth and satisfactory giving experience.

Effective Tribute Management

If your organization accepts tribute gifts, fields such as 'Tribute Start Date', 'Tribute End Date', 'Tribute Description', and 'Tribute Main Contact' can help manage these special donations effectively in ActiveCampaign.

Valuable Event & Auction Insight

If you run events or auctions, fields like 'Auction Category', 'Auction Item Number', 'Event Description', and 'Auction Sold' can provide valuable insights into the success of these initiatives and help manage them more efficiently.

Track and manage Crowdfunding Efforts

Data fields like 'Crowdfunding Page Name', 'Fundraiser Name', 'Fundraisers Page Link', and 'Crowdfunding Offline Donation' will allow for better tracking and managing of crowdfunding efforts, thus maximizing their potential.

Improve Donor Acknowledgement

By syncing dates related to thank-you letters and emails, you can ensure timely and appropriate acknowledgement of donations, improving donor satisfaction and retention.

Plus, it can help you stay in compliance with the federal law requiring written acknowledgement of single donations of $250 or more.

Fields like 'Acknowledgement Preference' and 'Receipt Delivery Pref' can help tailor these acknowledgements to match the donor's preferences, enhancing their experience with your organization.

Optional custom field and custom object synchronization

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“The integration setup process was smooth and they always made sure that everything worked as it should. The customer support team is also very helpful, providing quick and accurate help when needed.”
Josephine Elabo, Scolicare

Custom fields integration (optional)

CRMConnect can automatically sync over 140 properties between DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign. But just in case you have additional fields that are pertinent to your organization, any custom field you create in DonorPerfect can also become a custom property in ActiveCampaign and will be synced instantly.

Your organization is unique and you should be able to segment your donors based on what’s important to you! This means you can segment your donors not only based on standard parameters but also the ones that really matter to your cause.

For instance, are you looking to engage alumni for an upcoming event? Now, you can effortlessly target those who graduated in a specific year or range of years. This level of personalized outreach can increase your engagement rates, boost your conversion rates, and create a deeper connection with your donors.

Custom fields integration between DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign

Custom objects integration (optional)

Custom objects allow you to create and manage unique data sets within DonorPerfect, and syncing them with ActiveCampaign allows you to view this unique information in

ActiveCampaign reports, and act on it in a way that benefits your organization. This unique data, now synced with ActiveCampaign, allows you to delve into patterns and trends that were previously hidden.

Contacts and events are examples of custom objects that CRMConnect can support.

You could create a custom contact category for Major Donors, Volunteers or Event Attendees or a custom event category for your Annual Gala, Fundraising Drive, or Volunteer Drive. With this capability, you can build custom reports in ActiveCampaign to drive your fundraising and donor engagement strategies that are tailor-made for your organization.

Unveiling the "CodeSync" Feature for DonorPerfect-ActiveCampaign Integration!

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Amazing service! So thankful to have found APIANT.”
Haley Bennett, Thebodysquad

Introducing "CodeSync"

With "CodeSync", manual re-entry of dropdown codes and code descriptions from DonorPerfect to ActiveCampaign becomes a thing of the past. Make changes in DonorPerfect and watch them automatically populate in your ActiveCampaign dropdown properties.

Synced drop down menus in the basic integration include things like ‘Donor Type,’ ‘Email Status,’ and ‘Receipting Preference in DonorPerfect’.  With the optional Gifts Pipeline additional drop downs are also synced, including ‘Acknowledgement Preference,’ ‘Campaign,’ and ‘Solicitation type in DonorPerfect.’ (See the complete list here.)

The impact of having this information synced on your reporting and list building capabilities in ActiveCampaign is significant and powerful. It's about efficiency, consistency, and – most importantly – saving you time!

DonorPerfect codes synced with ActiveCampaign drop downs


"CodeSync" also encompasses Flags. When you add or modify flags in DonorPerfect, they're automatically integrated into ActiveCampaign as tags. Your adjustments in one platform populate effortlessly in the other.

With all dropdown codes, descriptions, and flags readily available in your properties, building out reports or lists becomes a streamlined process. You no longer need to reference DonorPerfect - all the options are already in ActiveCampaign, simplifying and enhancing your data analysis.

Flags between donorperfect and activecampaigns are synced
CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Apiant software and team has been a lifesaver for our business!”
Brittany G, Denver Solutions
CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“This was a superb software to learn from and use on a daily basis.”
Janice K, TSJ
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Affordable and Flexible Pricing to Scale with your Business


DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign

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billed annually
SAVE $240!
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Onboarding: $1,500 (one time fee)
Includes 5,000 donors synced
Includes 1 month of donation history
Unlimited syncs
Additional 2,500 donors: $99/month
Gifts pipeline: $89/month
Custom fields: $89/month
Custom objects: $89/month
Additional donation history: $50 per month (one time fee)


How is donor sync count calculated?


Only donors that are synced are counted, so if many donors haven't been active for a while in DonorPerfect, they will not be counted until their record is updated or they make a donation.

How frequently is the data synced?


Date is synced every 15 min.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?


We do not. The reason is that every customer using CRMConnect: DonorPerfect → ActiveCampaign is a nonprofit.

How much historical data is included with the integration?


One month of donation history is included with your subscription. Additional months can be synced for an additional one time fee of $50 per month synced.

Which ActiveCampaign subscription do I need to run CRMConnect?


CRMConnect will work with any paid ActiveCampaign,subscription.

Are ActiveCampaign automations included?


No. CRMConnect only interprets and syncs data between DonorPerfect and ActiveCampaign. This data then becomes very actionable, but it is up to you to build automations in ActiveCampaign. If you are looking for help with this, please inquire within, as we can refer you to an ActiveCampaign partner that is familiar with CRMConnect.

What happens to a DonorPerfect donor with no email?


A DonorPerfect donor with no email that’s synced with ActiveCampaign will either not be synced with ActiveCampaign or a fake email with the donor id and your domain will be created for you.

I have more donors in DonorPerfect that I can afford to sync. What should I do?


The 5,000 donors synced only refer to the donors we see come through the integration. You can have many more donors in DonorPerfect and if they do not trigger a sync because they are inactive then they are not counted. So the number of donors you need to sync only includes currently active donors and donors who become active in the future.