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Seamless Integration Between DonorPerfect and Mailchimp

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Tailored Email Excellence for Donors

Crafting profound engagements through email mastery.

Requires paid DonorPerfect subscription

Optimized Donor Engagement

Syncing donor data from DonorPerfect to Mailchimp allows for personalized email campaigns. These tailored messages, influenced by donor histories, enhance engagement, deepen donor relationships, and boost involvement in the mission.

Strategic Fundraising

The integration segments donor lists in DonorPerfect by criteria like past donations or event attendance. This enables Mailchimp campaigns to target donors effectively, enhancing donations and optimizing fundraising.

Time-Saving Sync

The integration eliminates manual updates by automatically syncing Mailchimp with the latest DonorPerfect data. This saves time, minimizes errors, and lets nonprofits concentrate on their primary mission.

Insightful Data Analysis

Synchronized data offers insights into donor actions and tastes. By evaluating patterns like top-donating emails or high-attendance events, strategies can be refined, ensuring optimized email campaigns.

Enhanced Donor Loyalty

Integration of narratives and donor preferences provides a complete view of a donor's journey. This insight enables timely follow-ups, personalized content, and donation acknowledgments, boosting donor satisfaction and loyalty.

Efficient Event Management

The integration streamlines event details, RSVPs, and communications. Syncing event data from DonorPerfect to Mailchimp allows targeted invitations, reminders, and post-event acknowledgments, elevating the donor event experience.

From Insight to Inbox: Integration Features at a Glance.

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
"Apiant provided us with superior customer service during the implementation, which has saved us numerous labor hours. The initial setup continues to run seamlessly!"
Karie N., Sedona Mago Retreat

Tailored Data, Tailored Campaigns

Tailored Data Syncing: Your Choice, Your campaign.

Dive into the art of precision. Handpick up to 15 fields from DonorPerfect's vast array, shaping Mailchimp campaigns that truly resonate. It's about putting the essential at the forefront, crafting emails that deeply connect.

Precision in Segmentation

Seamless Formatting: Every Field, Every Time.

Where automation meets finesse. As fields are selected from DonorPerfect, they're discerned and flawlessly integrated into Mailchimp. It's about crafting campaigns with diverse data, seamlessly and accurately.

Dynamic Donor Segmentation

Filter, Sync, Segment: Nightly Updates for Targeted Outreach.

Harness the power of dynamic donor segmentation. Create filters in DonorPerfect and sync with Mailchimp, ensuring campaigns always hit the mark. Fresh, updated, and always relevant.

Stay in the Moment with Donors

Stay Current, Stay Connected: 15-Minute Sync Intervals.

In the ever-evolving nonprofit landscape, stay connected. With 15-minute sync intervals, donor data is always current, fostering timely interactions and building stronger bonds.

Immediate Recognition for Every Donation

Every Donation Recognized: Immediate Sync for Fresh Contributions.

Celebrate generosity in real-time. Each donation in DonorPerfect syncs instantly, ensuring timely acknowledgments and deepening donor trust.

Introducing "Code Sync"

Seamless Code Retrieval: Bridging Descriptions to Campaigns.

Introducing "Code Sync". Dive into seamless data synchronization, where codes from DonorPerfect effortlessly integrate into Mailchimp. Crafted campaigns, always in harmony.

Flag-to-Tag Precision

Instant Tagging: From DonorPerfect Flags to Mailchimp Insights.

Simplify with flag-to-tag precision. Transform DonorPerfect flags into Mailchimp tags, ensuring campaigns resonate deeply with each donor segment.

Preserving Email Trust

Maintaining Email Integrity: Synced Actions for Cleaned Members.

Uphold the integrity of your email lists. When a member is "cleaned" in Mailchimp, corresponding actions in DonorPerfect ensure trust is maintained, always respecting donor preferences.

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“I hardly know that our APIANT integration is there – the connections are very seamless.”
Leanne Hyndman, Amber Community
CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Amazing service! So thankful to have found APIANT.”
Haley Bennett, Thebodysquad
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Budget-Friendly, Impact-Heavy


DonorPerfect and Mailchimp

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Includes 1,000 donors synced
Up to 15 fields synced (default or custom)
Includes 1 DonorPerfect filter synced
Unlimited syncs
Donations and donor info syncs every 15 min.
Additional 1,000 donors synced: $15/month
Additional DonorPerfect filters synced: $9/month


How do I set up the integration between DonorPerfect and Mailchimp?


After singing up for your free trial, you will be able to schedule a free on-boarding call with one of our specialist. The onboarding call takes approximately 40 min.

Is there a limit to the number of donors or records I can sync monthly for the $49/month price?


Yes, you will be able to sync up to 500 donors for the base price of $49/month. You can add more donors to be synced at the 1K donors per $49 extra rate.

What happens if a donor updates their email preferences in DonorPerfect? Will it reflect in Mailchimp?


If you select the "Do Not Email" and "Do Not Email Reason" fields to be synced with Mailchimp, then Yes. You can then build an automation to automatically unsubscribe members using the value of these fields in Mailchimp.

Do I need technical expertise to manage this integration?


No. You do not need any technical expertise to manage this integration. Everything is automated and handled for you.

How does the "Code Sync" feature work, and can I customize which codes are synced?


The "Code Sync" feature is designed to streamline and enhance your data synchronization process. When activated, it dynamically retrieves code descriptions from dropdown menus in DonorPerfect and automatically syncs them with the corresponding Mailchimp merge fields. This ensures that specific categorizations or notations you've set in DonorPerfect are consistently and accurately reflected in your Mailchimp campaigns.

As for customization, yes, as you add codes and descriptions in DonorPerfect the sync is automatic!

What happens if I exceed the 15 fields limit for syncing? Is there an option to increase this limit?


Not at the moment. Mailchimp also has a limit on the number of merge fields your can have so we are leaving a bit of room for your own custom merge fields.

Are there any additional costs or fees associated with high-volume syncing ?


You can have as many donations as you'd like with no additional cost. The only limit is the number of donors synced.

How does the integration handle duplicate records between DonorPerfect and Mailchimp?


Mailchimp uses emails as unique values, so if more than one donors has the same email in DonorPerfect and they have been added to a filter to be synced with Mailchimp, the data from these donors will update the same member in Mailchimp.

Can I schedule when the syncing occurs, or is it automatic?


Adding and removing members from a segment in Mailchimp occurs automatically every night. You can trigger the sync manually as well in your settings.

Donor and donation information is synced every 15 minutes.