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Shopify and Mindbody ConnectedMindbody and Shopify Connected


Seamless integration between Shopify and Mindbody

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Mindbody Most Valuable Partner Award 2021Mindbody Most Valuable Partner Award 2021

Trusted by Mindbody businesses worldwide

Unleash the Power of Synergy

With the Shopify-Mindbody Integration & Automation, discover the future of your business.

More Sales. Global Reach. Effortless Setup. Secure Payments. Perfect Sync.

Transform your business today.

Requires paid Mindbody and Shopify subscriptions

Elevate Your Sales, Simplify Your Life

Embrace the ease of selling Mindbody products on Shopify. More sales, less work - redefine your business journey

Your Store, Everywhere

Unleash your products to the world. Online or in-person, turn every corner into your marketplace.

Set Up in a Snap

No expertise required. Your ecommerce store, powered by robust tools, is just a few clicks away.

Payments, Redefined

Instant, secure credit card acceptance with Shopify Payments. Enjoy swift transactions with 100+ global payment gateways.

Perfect Sync, Every Time

Say goodbye to manual re-entries. Products, services, customers, inventory, sales - everything synced across all platforms and locations. Welcome to the future of retail.

No.1 eCommerce platform connected to Mindbody

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“ShopConnect saves me hours of time every day. Great team of friendly people that are willing to help. I really have the feeling they want my business to succeed. Thank you!”
Carolyn Holdsworth, Nurture Spa

Best shopping experience

Used by more than a million of the world's most successful brands, your customers will be impressed with a beautiful store ready for mobile and desktops made in Shopify.

Shopify and Mindbody fully integrated

Sell everywhere

Use Shopify to sell your Mindbody products and services to anyone, anywhere — in person with Point of Sale and online through your website, social media, and online marketplaces. Sell, ship and process payments anywhere.

No expertise needed

Set up your store in minutes and bring your brand to life. Your ecommerce website is backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

Get paid quickly and securely

Shopify Payments allows you to accept credit cards instantly and without third-party accounts. Shopify also supports over 100+ external payment gateways worldwide.

Everything is synced

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“ShopConnect has made a significant impact on the quality of our data + saves me hours of manual work! Has been life-changing for our business.”
Mimi McNeil, Fig Face

Products synced

Mindbody products including price, tax setting, description, photo, size, color and inventory remain in perfect sync with Shopify. Choose which products to sync by simply checking "Sell Online" in Mindbody. Variants will also be reflected in Shopify.

Services synced

Mindbody pricing options sync as non-inventory services in Shopify. Services offered in more than one location will have the location as an option for your customers to choose where they would like the service rendered.

Sales and customers synced

Sales can be synced in both directions Shopify ⬌ Mindbody or just from Shopify ➞ Mindbody. You decide. Customers are matched or added automatically.

Inventory synced

Inventory is updated instantly after every sale on either platform (Shopify or Mindbody). Inventory is also reconciled nightly to account for replenishments made in Mindbody.

Fully automated

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Allows me to focus on running the business rather than the back end stuff. Highly recommended!!!”

Shopify sales ➞ Mindbody sales

Sales placed in Shopify are automatically posted to your client in Mindbody. If the client is new, we will create them first, then post the sale on their account.

Mindbody sales ➞ Shopify sales

Optionally, you can also choose to sync sales placed in Mindbody with Shopify for products or services or tips or account payments or all of the above.

Services purchased are added to your client's account in Mindbody

When your customer purchases a service in Shopify, it will be available for them to use in Mindbody instantly.

Taxes and discounts are matched

Taxes and discounts applied to a sale in Mindbody or Shopify are matched to insure accuracy.

Easy to customize

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Exactly what we needed! We tried other companies and this is the best!”
Dimitra K., Dimitra Yoga

Sales sync trigger

Choose which order status in Shopify should trigger a sync with Mindbody. Options are "created," "paid" or "fulfilled".

Product and services syncing conditions

You have many options to decide which products and services and what information is synced between Mindbody and Shopify.

Mindbody sales

Pick which items in a Mindbody sale are added to Shopify: Products, services, tips, account payments or none of the above.

Integration settings

Adjust many other options to customize how your integration works to fit your business workflow.

Scale with multi-locations

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Efficient and Reliable.
 ShopConnect are fantastic, they are always working in the background looking for ways to improve our customer experience and give our business more information”
Dieter Lessmann, Pineapple

Route sales to your locations

Let your customer decide if they want their order shipped or if they would like to pick it up in person from any of the locations you have connected. We will handle the rest.

Shopify and Mindbody fully integrated

Monitor inventory across locations

For each item sold in any location, the inventory level is updated in Shopify instantly giving you a live inventory view across your locations.

Assign services to locations

Your customer can choose the location where they would like to use services they purchase on your Shopify store.

Multi-location management

Link all your locations and drill down to each transaction to offer excellent support and extensive control.

CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Best decision I made these last couple months! I really have the feeling they want my business to succeed. Thank you!”
Cody B., CMO
Delta Life Fitness
CRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviewsCRMConnect reviews
“Delivering excellence on all fronts. 5 stars is not enough!”
Elena Moreo
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Can I have more than 500 products in Shopify?


Yes, you can have more than 500 products in Shopify. There is an additional cost of $49/month for each additional 500 products in Shopify.

Can I connect more than one Mindbody location?


Yes, you can connect as many Mindbody locations as you need to one Shopify account. There is an additional cost of $49 for each additional Mindbody location connected.

Where do I charge my customer for the sale, in Shopify or in Mindbody?


Currently your customers will be charged in Shopify. A "Shopify" custom payment method will be added to your Mindbody settings which will be used when posting Shopify sales in Mindbody.

How is inventory synced between Shopify and Mindbody?


When a purchase is made in Shopify or in Mindbody, inventory is synced instantly.

Inventory is reconciled once a day around 1 AM to account for replenishments.

Can I sell products, services and packages in Shopify?


Yes, products, services and packages sold in Shopify will be posted in your Mindbody client account and all related services such as memberships, class and appointment packs, etc. will be added to your client profile in Mindbody.

Packages sold in Shopify cannot contain products.

How do I auto create Shopify accounts for my Mindbody clients?


During install, we create a "Send invitation to Shopify" index in Mindbody. This index can be used to bulk create Shopify accounts and automatically invite your Mindbody clients to activate their new account.

It is also possible to configure the integration to automatically add new Mindbody clients as customers in Shopify and send them an invite to activate their new Shopify account.

How long does it take for Shopify sales to show up in Mindbody?


Sales placed in Shopify will be added to Mindbody  instantly.

Is support included?


Yes! We pride ourselves for the excellent support we provide our customers. This subscription includes a free on-boarding call and support is offered via our chat on our website.