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Connect + Automate
= More time
and reclaim your time
iPaaS for ITiPaaS for Customer ExperienceiPaaS for Business EfficiencyiPaaS Hybrid Integration Platform
Increase IT's operational efficiency
Improve customer experience
Increase business efficiency
Power your digital transformation

Hybrid Integration Platform

A powerful, versatile API integration platform delivering extensive capability through intuitive tools.
"The library of component assemblies and subassemblies that have been created and vetted in the crucible of real life integrations provide an powerful jump start to each and every integration task. Apiant constantly enhances and broadens the platform and its capabilities based upon realtime feedback from their clients. Daily ease of integration and API connectivity without limits!"
William Vasu, CEO, Mesh Integrations
Ohio, USA
Big money saver for our organization!
"Thanks to this platform, we were able to link our different softwares so instead of hiring people to manually transfer the data from one software to the other, it all happens automatically. Now our data is transferred at the frequency we specify. The platform was able to integrate all our major softwares. Our company has been able to save thousands of dollars per year due to our reduced personnel."
Marilyn Schuler, Finance Director, Harvest Evangelism
Alabama, USA

How APIANT Works

App Connections
IPaaS Connecting an App

Apps and systems need to be connected to APIANT in order to be integrated together.

Connected Salesforce
IPaaS Connecting Salesforce

Providing credentials is a common means to connect these systems.

Connected Salesforce GMail
IPaaS Connecting GMail Salesforce

Each connection can have more than one account connected.

Salesforce Endpoints
Salesforce Trigger Endpoints

APIANT integrations use Endpoints to interact with apps. These connectors can communicate with apps via API endpoints or other techniques like direct database access or even screen scraping.

Salesforce Triggers Actions
List of Salesforce Endpoints

Triggers fire when an event happens in the app, like new or updated data. Actions perform processing, like sending an email.

Salesforce Triggers and Actions
APIANT Assembly Editor

Endpoints are built with our unrivaled API development tool, the Assembly Editor ®.
They can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Salesforce GMail Database Onprem apps connected
large catalog of apps

APIANT comes with thousands of pre-built endpoints ready to use in automations. More are added every week for all versions of our platform (CLOUD and DEDICATED).

API Triggers and Actions Endpoints
Filed Mapping in the Automation Editor

Triggers & Actions (pre-built endpoints) are used in our powerful Automation Editor ®  to map and automate the flow of data between apps.

Salesforce and GMail Endpoints
Salesforce Triggers and GMail Action

Triggers start an automation. There can be one or more Trigger per automation.

Filters on Salesforce Trigger
Trigger filter Settings for Salesforce

Triggers can also have one or more filters, with AND/OR options, offering the possibility for complex filtering logic.

GMail and Mailchimp Actions
Salesforce Trigger GMail action and MailChimp Action

One or more Actions can be executed per automation.

GMail action Mailchimp Action lookup tables
Salesforce Trigger Mailchimp and GMail Action with Lookup Table

Actions can also be data transforms, lookup tables and decision logic branches.

GMail and Mailchimp action timing
Automation timing

Polling automations feature flexible scheduling. Automations having instant webhook triggers are executed immediately when data is received.

Mailchimp and GMail automation Copied
Deploying automations

Automations can also be copied and shared. On our Dedicated platform, they can be deployed to multiple accounts at once.

APIANT templates
Apiant Template card

Templates are pre-built automations with pre-set rules, filters and data mappings and can be installed with a couple of clicks in just seconds.

APIANT Collections
APIANT Collection card

Collections are templates that can install multiple automations at once, with just a few clicks and work together to solve complex integrations, like two-way syncs.

Automation history and logs
Automation history

Every time an automation runs, a history log of all the activity is kept and available for review.

DonorPerfect History successes and errors
History log

History also identifies successful tasks and can notify you via email when errors occur.

DonorPerfect Logging
Automation Editor Action Log

Logging can help you and our tech support team troubleshoot issues with your integration.

What Sets APIANT Apart?

Integrate Specialized Apps

We specialize in “Specialized Apps”!
Hotel, restaurant, spa management software, POS, education, accounting, research, etc. You name it. If it can be integrated, we can do it.

Fast & Affordable

Thousands of pre-built connectors and the ability to build new ones quickly with our state-of-the-art Assembly Editor ® allows us to deliver complete integrations faster and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Bi-directional Sync

Endpoints can be adapted to a fully bi-directional (two-way) sync between apps. This enables you to use all connected systems while maintaining a consistent real-time view of the data across your apps.

Certified Systems Integrators (SIs)

SIs can help you design the architecture of your integration, build automations, train your staff and even implement your complete integration project. Click Here to get referred to one of our APIANT Certified Systems Integrators.

Dedicated, On-Prem or Cloud

You can build and run your integrations on, license a dedicated managed server or install the platform on-premise with Docker. APIANT is an integration platform for all needs.

Secure, Robust, Agile

More than ten years in the making, APIANT has been designed and developed with the needs of large enterprises in mind. A scalable, full-featured integration development platform.

Growing Library of Connectors

With thousands of pre-built connectors on the platform, more are added weekly and available to all APIANT customers to use in their integrations.

Integration Tool for All

Citizen Integrators can automate workflows, IT Managers can deploy them to their team, Enterprise Developers can build connectors and Systems Integrators can generate recurring revenue. APIANT is a solution for all.

Modular, Extensible & Scalable

Built to serve any data integration needs, our platform can solve just about any integration puzzle you may have. And with our Enterprise Server Farm Architecture you can scale as your business grows.

Services Offered by System Integrators

Systems Integrators can help your organization with many aspects of your integration.

Integration development
Implement new app
Build new endpoints
Build automations
Architecture design
Process development
Best practices review

Please refer me to an APIANT Certified Systems Integrator
A $200 Value!

Complete the form below so we can refer you to one of our APIANT Certified Systems Integrators.