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UnleashedSoftware is a world class online inventory management software for small, medium and large business which integrates closely with Xero.
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Actions (7)
Add customer
Creates a new customer and returns their GUID (unique ID).
Create sales order
Creates a new sales order, with line items.
Create sales order using Pipedrive deal products
Creates a new sales order, with line items created using products fetched from the specified deal in Pipedrive.
Find customer by customer code
Searches for a customer having the specified customer code. An error occurs if zero or multiple customers are found.
Find sales person by email
Searches for a sales person with the specified email address and returns all available fields.
Find tax by description
Searches for a tax with the specified description. An error occurs if zero or multiple are found.
Update customer
Updates the specified customer. An error occurs if no matching customer is found.
Unleashed Software Templates
Templates are pre-built integrations you can install in seconds