One powerful plan to grow
The Power Plan gives you unparalleled power to build the integration your business needs.

You can also hire our workflow architects to help you build or support your integration at $100 per hour*

The Power Plan

$100 per app
billed monthly
Thank you!
Thank You!
billed annually
SAVE $240!
Get started
$100 credit with paid plans (1 hr of consulting)
25 automations
100,000 tasks per month
1 connected account per app
5 min timeout per execution
Two-way sync
Data caching
Cross automation execution
Many more power features...
Additional connected account: $59/month
Additional 100,000 tasks: $100/month
5 additional automations: $50/month
Additional timeout minute: $50/month
VIP phone support: $500/month
Managed services (includes 15 hr of consulting per month with no rollover): $1,000/month
*If you choose to hire our workflow architects during your trial, you will receive your $100 credit when you subscribe.

**Due to Mindbody API rate limits and overcharges, automations in accounts with Mindbody connections can only be edited by hiring one of our workflow architects at $100/hr. A daily Mindbody API rate limit of 1,000 API calls per location will be enforced.

Basic apps in Templates

Basic apps included in templates can be used with this plan.

Professional apps in Templates

Professional apps included in templates can be used with this plan.

Business apps in Templates

Business apps included in templates can be used with this plan.

Basic apps

Click on "Basic apps" to get a list of all Basic Apps.

Professional apps

Click on "Professional apps" to get a list of all Professional Apps.

Business apps

Click on "Business apps" to get a list of all Business Apps.

Enterprise apps

Click on "Enterprise apps" to get a list of all Enterprise Apps.

Maximum apps connected

This number represents the maximum amount of apps you can connect with a subscription plan. Each app counts as 1 connection (ie, Pipedrive, Shopify, etc.)

Maximum connected accounts per app

This number represents the maximum amount of accounts you can connect for each connected app.

Maximum automations or templates

Automations drive your automated workflow. They may run automatically when an app pushes data, periodically based on polling frequency or on a schedule you determine.

Custom integrations

Custom integrations are built to match your specific business requirements. Multiple and custom triggers and actions, filters, data transform, lookup tables and decision logic branches can be used to fit your exact integration needs.

Templates and collections

Templates and Collections are pre-built integrations between apps, with filters and data mappings that can be installed with a few clicks in just seconds. Triggers and actions cannot be deleted or added with templates, a Custom Integrations plan is needed to do so.

Polling frequency

Unless scheduled or triggered by an app pushing data, automations run automatically every few minutes according to the polling frequency.


Customer support is available from Monday through Friday 9am-6pm EST via email.

Email support

Support tickets will be responded to within 48 hrs.

Priority support

Support tickets will be responded to within 24 hrs.

VIP support

Support tickets will be responded to within the same business day or next morning if filed after 2pm EST. Screen sharing capability will be offered when necessary.

Tasks per month

Each time one of your automations takes an action (i.e. create a Google Sheet row), a task is counted and deducted from your total tasks per month allotted in your plan. You will receive email notifications when you reach 75% and 90% usage of your total tasks per month.

500 tasks

With 500 tasks you can...

4,500 tasks

With 4,500 tasks you can...

20,000 tasks

With 20,000 tasks you can...

30,000 tasks

With 30,000 tasks you can...

Web services

Developers can invoke assembly wiring diagrams via URL's, passing query parameters and/or a POST body payload like JSON or XML. Web services allow developers to quickly build API integrations visually with the assembly wiring editor and use those integrations easily from other systems.

Batch jobs

Your assembly wiring diagrams can be saved as batch jobs that will be executed based on a schedule you configure.. You will receive email notifications when you reach 75% and 90% usage of your total batch jobs per month.

Two-way sync endpoints

Endpoints (triggers and actions) can be specifically built to establish a bi-directional integration between apps. Two-way sync trigger endpoints need to be paired with two-way sync action endpoints.

Trigger filter editing

Triggers can have one or more filters with AND/OR options, offering the possibility for complex filtering logic. Templates sometimes will have filters in its triggers.

Conditional action editing

Actions can have logic branches with conditions, offering the possibility for complex decision logic. Templates sometimes will also have decision logic action branches.

Triggers and actions

A trigger starts an automation and an action is what an automation does. With multiple triggers and actions, your automations can do a lot!

Automation versioning

Every time you save a change to an automation in the Automation Editor, you can create a new version giving you the ability to restore your automation to a previous version with a click.

Lookup tables

Lookup tables are like data transalators between applications. For example, High Priority may be 1 in one application and 3 in another. Lookup tables lets you pre-configure these eventualities.

Tailored integrations

Your business rules may not fit perfectly within the out-of-the-box App features. But don't worry, because we can custom build your integration for you and automate your workflow, no matter how complex it might be. Custom development cost may apply.

Custom development

Let the best API integration developers in the business (our Dev Team) build your custom integration for you! Utilizing APIANT's powerful platform, many complex integrations take less than 5 hours to complete.

History logs

With History Logs you'll be able to view every single granular detail of your automations running. An essential tool when developing complex integrations.

Assembly Editor

The Assembly Editor is simply the most powerful API integration development tool there is. With some basic technical skills and understanding of data processing and APIs, the possibilities are endless. This is the tool our developers use to build your custom integrations and pre-built endpoints. No coding is required!

Automation Editor

The Automation Editor is where triggers and actions are assembled to build sophisticated automations.


  • Standard (email): Guaranteed response time in 7 business days.
  • VIP (email): Guaranteed response time in 1 business day.
  • Premium: Email or phone within 24 hrs.


We have more than 250 apps you can connect together with more added every week.

Automations timeout

The more complex your automations are, the longer they take to run. The bigger the timeout, the more time your automations have to finish the job.